Tonight: Live Performances by They Might Be Brothers and Zach Jones; Interview with Bay Area Derby Girls:

7 05 2009


The Might Be Brothers
THEY MIGHT BE BROTHERS: Arthur Adams (BLAMMOS, The Phenomenauts) & Jordan Adams (Pirate Cat’s own J*Beau) perform the Linnell/Flansburgh songbook.  Plus special guests.  “Particle Man” will not be played.


Bay Area Derby Girls
The B.A.D. Girls were founded in August of 2004 by a couple of girls with delusions of grandeur after one too many late-night cocktails. Inspired by dozens of burgeoning neo-derby leagues in cities like Austin, Phoenix, Seattle, Los Angeles and New York, these ladies decided the Bay Area had to be next on the roster.

Currently, the B.A.D. Girls have 70+ full-time league members and continue to grow by the season. As members of the national Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA), a skater-run organization of flat-track female derby leagues, they have participated as a Division 2 league in multiple tournaments and intra-league bouts, placing fourth in the West, and sixth in the nation.

Zach Jones
Hailing from Portland, Maine, Zach Jones is an artist of exceptional musical talent.  Having toured tirelessly as lead guitarist for the band As Fast As, and having performed over 2,000 times for captive audiences, you might expect an ego to accompany such an accomplished musician. Yet there is an effortlessness to his manner that pervades his song writing and speaks to experience through his music.



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