TONIGHT: Live Performances by marabelle phoenix; Interview with In Reverant Fears, Room for a Ghost

2 04 2009



In Reverent Fears
In Reverent Fears new album, Stomacher, is a devastating and powerful show of the bands musical range; balanced between their loose-and-reckless moments of intensity and their more subtle and haunting sections with lounging melodies and guitar lines, the album is tightly structured, each song polished and refined. Their music embodies that rare marriage between the mind and the heart, without sacrificing the sheer power that has always been at the bands core.

marabelle phoenix
marabelle phoenix formed in 2006 by Donnelle Malnik (Snakeflower 2, and The Nervous breakdowns) they have a sweet and sour mix of renegade folk and haunting lullibies. The sound is spikey and mournful. Marabellle phoenix has just finished there seond e.p. recorded by grey ashley at the ghost town gallery featuring Rusty Miller and James Finch Jr. of Jackpot and Kira Lynne Cain.

Room for a Ghost
room for a ghost is a three piece instrumental band. similar to a ton of things . the music speaks louder then my words so im going to walk over to our cd collection and find the cd that room for a ghost gave us and play a song from it.
me and room for a ghost .
call your mom.



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