Tonight: Interview with A Class Act and Tempo No Tempo

23 04 2009

SHOW RECORDING – April 23 2009


A Class Act
A Class Act is five guys from two dead bands with a passion for loud guitars, horn lines, and B-movies. Best described as some amalgamation of ska, punk and synth rock, these East Bay natives have been playing locally, touring nationally, recording and doing as much as possible to contribute to the ska/punk scene for nearly 4 years. After a short a hiatus, the boys in ACA are back playing shows and working on a new EP [which will be released digitally for free and on cassette in short run]. Be sure to stay tuned to the infectious channel of horn lines, Moog melodies and good times known as A Class Act.

Tempo No Tempo
we are tempo no tempo. once, we had five members, then we had four, now we have three. disco-reggaeton-dub-punk.

Tonight! Interview with Songs for Moms, Broke Ass Stuart and Shrouded Strangers

16 04 2009

SHOW RECORDING April 16th 2009


Songs for Moms
We are a three-piece, San Francisco-based band with punk rock sensibilities, folk elements, and dynamic vocal styling. We met in the Spring of 2006 and it has been true love ever since. We are predominantly influenced and inspired by our amazing musical friends in the Bay Area. Our 2nd full-length album, “I used to believe in the west,” will be out next month on Thrillhouse Records.

Broke Ass Stewart
Broke Ass Stuart
I’ve been called “an SF cult hero”: SF Bay Guardian, “Best Local Writer”: SF Weekly and “the pimp daddy of budget travel”: Everywhere Magazine, but to those familiar with my work, I’m just “that douchebag who writes books about cheap stuff and drinks a lot”.
[photo credit: Nicki Ishmael]

Shrouded Strangers
In May of 1997, the Shrouded Strangers wrote and recorded their debut album, “Yes, We Are the Shrouded Strangers,” in a living room in a mere 18 hours, fueled by Natural Light and and humidity-induced paranoia and fatigue.

10 years after and 3,000 miles west of the first record, the Strangers recorded their EP “Live! at Bedlam Towers!” And now, the Strangers have their long-awaited follow-up record in hand. Come see them this spring, as they tour with Detroit’s the High Strung, smoldering and sputtering from town to town, playing their damaged blend of psych-pop, noise, psych-honky tonk, and experimental blue-eyed soul music.

TONIGHT: Live Performance by Tippy Canoe; Interview with Brad Brooks, Cheetahs on the Moon

9 04 2009

SHOW RECORDING April 9th 2009


Tippy Canoe
Originally from Baltimore and now based in sunny Oakland, songbird and solo uke-slinger, Tippy Canoe (Michele Kappel), made the switch from a 5-piece drum kit with the garage-pop princesses The Kirby Grips (Sympathy For The Record Industry), to a 4-stringed ukulele in 2003. Since then she’s been on a mission with her band the Paddlemen to bring sincere uplift in a severely down-slanted era by spreading her hook-laden pop-meets-roots music.


Brad Brooks
Originally from sun baked Tucson, Arizona, Bay Area pop alchemist, Brad Brooks has a big voice and he intends to use it for dastardly good. With tales of love on his sleeve, ex-stripper librarians and manic tourists, his is an extraordinarily unique perspective on a city and its delightful debauchery. Cinematic, orchestrated, and moody, his elaborate west coast baroque sound, rocks, pops and breaks your heart in all the right places. Either solo, or with his band, Brad’s 70’s piano driven style of psychedelic persuasion moves from constructed pop anthems, through Jacques Brel-esque satirical waltzes, to intimate guitar ballads.

Cheetahs on the Moon
Hailing from the regolith region of the Earth’s lone satellite, CHEETAHS ON THE MOON have arrived on the terrestrial musical scene to do nothing less than revolutionize rock-n-roll with power ballads as hot-cool as a lunar magma ocean. Go ahead…tug our whiskers…you’ll see when we scratch.

TONIGHT: Live Performances by marabelle phoenix; Interview with In Reverant Fears, Room for a Ghost

2 04 2009



In Reverent Fears
In Reverent Fears new album, Stomacher, is a devastating and powerful show of the bands musical range; balanced between their loose-and-reckless moments of intensity and their more subtle and haunting sections with lounging melodies and guitar lines, the album is tightly structured, each song polished and refined. Their music embodies that rare marriage between the mind and the heart, without sacrificing the sheer power that has always been at the bands core.

marabelle phoenix
marabelle phoenix formed in 2006 by Donnelle Malnik (Snakeflower 2, and The Nervous breakdowns) they have a sweet and sour mix of renegade folk and haunting lullibies. The sound is spikey and mournful. Marabellle phoenix has just finished there seond e.p. recorded by grey ashley at the ghost town gallery featuring Rusty Miller and James Finch Jr. of Jackpot and Kira Lynne Cain.

Room for a Ghost
room for a ghost is a three piece instrumental band. similar to a ton of things . the music speaks louder then my words so im going to walk over to our cd collection and find the cd that room for a ghost gave us and play a song from it.
me and room for a ghost .
call your mom.