March Baghdad by the Bay Showcase Announced

26 02 2009


Who needs SXSW when you have the Southwest corner of Clay and Polk? Another great lineup for the Baghdad by the Bay Showcase at Red Devil Lounge on March 18th.

The Cons
Sparse and silky, The Cons deliver a dreamy, minimalist soundscape of pop and rock. Best paired with a dry red and a day trip in a convertible.

Silian Rail
The instrumental duo of Robin and Eric, Silian Rail creates complex melodies punctuated by explosive dynamics. Countless guests of Baghdad by the Bay program have pined to share the stage with this innovative group.

The music project of Miguel Zelaya, the Harbours are fast-rising stars of the Bay Area music scene. Seamlessly blending 60’s and pop sensibility with modern indie rock, they are a band to watch.

Locke n’ Load
Rock uncompromising,  raw and it makes no apologies, as stated on their site they are not in it for the conversation. Wearing boxers, is strongly advised.




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