Baghdad by the Bay February Showcase!

5 02 2009


I’m proud to announce the next lineup for the Baghdad by the Bay showcase at Red Devil Lounge on February 18th.

Jump around with your hands up and your pants down to the slick sounds of smooth boys of KALRI$$IAN. Bring an umbrella, it will rain panties.

B and not B
B and Not B is a songwriting project of David Ricardo (DRB, Young Moderns). An awesome six-piece band of veteran players brings the songs to life on stage.

French Disco
Deeply rooted in lo-fi indie, shoegaze, and ’90s Brit sounds, French Disco references bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Ride, instantly transporting the listener to 1991.

Bhi Bhiman

Sarcasm and humor are among his favorite instruments, but Bhiman’s debut solo album on HinJu Records, “The Cookbook,” has recipes with a serious taste to them, too.

Cheetahs on the Moon
Hailing from the regolith region of the Earth’s lone satellite, CHEETAHS ON THE MOON have arrived on the terrestrial musical scene to do nothing less than revolutionize rock-n-roll with power ballads as hot-cool as a lunar magma ocean. Go ahead…tug our whiskers…you’ll see when we scratch.




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20 02 2009
Video from the Baghdad by Bay Showcase « STET

[…] from the Baghdad by Bay Showcase 20 02 2009 Trademark taped some clips of the Baghdad by the Bay showcase at Red Devil […]

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