On Baghdad by the Bay, October 30th

29 10 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 8pm:


All My Pretty Ones


Live Performance
The pretty ones were created when lead singer Derek Schmidt sought a unique outlet for the classic singer/songwriter aesthetic in which he found himself. Slowly the open project has evolved with the additions of Jesse Wade on guitar, Jocelyn Bentley-Prestwich on Oboe, Genessa Kealoha on Upright Bass, and Matt Payne playing Percussion and Accordion. AMPO is not a static unit, and the easy flow amongst the various members keeps their stage performance sparkling at all times. Like most of Derek’s music, All My Pretty Ones’ sound runs from quiet and thoughtful songwriting to sometimes large epics on piano and guitar. Schmidt says his folk, bluegrass, and classical influences combine in an attempt to “further the advance of indie songwriting and sensibilities.” AMPO plays throughout the Bay Area on a regular basis and also enjoys trekking out on larger tours to test their mettle while increasing their audience.


Arthur Adams (of Blammos)

Live Performance
Arthur Adams of BLAMMOS plays upbeat pop, rock & soul music, sings about urban paranoia, soul-sucking demagogues & how occasionally love CAN conquer all, AND dances like a guy who *really* thinks he can dance.  Arthur Adams of “Arthur Adams” plays downbeat folk, gospel & experimental music, sings about his love/hate relationship with Jesus, his “like-like” relationship with Satan & how we really ought to thank God for money, AND doesn’t really dance so much as he taps his feet, twitches and sways.




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