On Baghdad by the Bay, October 2nd

2 10 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 8pm:


Grace Alley

Grace Alley was formed in the summer of ’07 with original members Matt O’Brien (guitar), Fred Stark (drums), and Logan Gabriel (bass). The three met in a drug and alcohol recovery program where they took to one another immediately and eventually decided to form a band, which they named “Blood Money”. After writing a few songs, it became apparent that they needed a second guitar player to accommodate the brand of hardcore influenced rock and roll they were creating so they called on friend, Zach Hilty, to join them on second guitar.

Vin Rouge

Coming from the Bay Area…… Bass driven, heavy rock songs… No love of cliche. Big drum sets, crunchy guitars, and vocal harmonies with vintage gear mixed with soft synths…

French Disco
“This San Francisco quintet is not French, nor does its sound replicate effervescent Gallic dance music. Instead, French Disco’s second EP, Icon, is less Donna Summer and more moody dream pop. Deeply rooted in lo-fi indie, shoegaze, and ’90s Brit sounds, Icon references bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Ride, instantly transporting the listener to 1991, a time when distortion pedals ruled and ethereal vocals were de rigueur. “Sugar,” which sounds like a mixture of Lush and Oasis, is the requisite drug song, which in this case makes being high sound like eating cupcakes and frolicking in a rose garden.”
-SF Bay Guardian




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