On Baghdad by the Bay, September 6th

5 09 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 2pm:


Tickets will be given away for both guest performances at Bottom of the Hill during the program!

Dame Satan
If Quazar had sounded anything like Dame Satan, I might be translating dispatches from Zeti Reticuli right now. Ever heard music that makes you desperately try to remember if you’d innocuously eaten a brownie earlier that could have been, ahem, herbally enhanced? Dame Satan’s music had that effect.

Dame Satan will be playing Bottom of the Hill on Sept 6th.

pale hoarse
“The lyrics tend toward darkness, Christian corruption, bitter childhoods and love gone wrong—but always there is redemption. Imagined the shipwrecked lovechild of Karen Dalton and Nick Cave singing up from a watery grave, or Jesus and Mary hanging out at night, harmonizing under bright stars in the desert. Like any good ministry, Pale Hoarse has built a devoted following that is expanding gracefully, gleefully, with each show they play. This is music for lovers, for sinners, for makers and seers. It’s tortured and tainted, it’s gorgeous and glorious.”

Pale Hoarse will be playing Bottom of the Hill, Sept 7th




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