On Baghdad by the Bay, August 16th

15 08 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 2pm:


The Old-Fashioned Way
Crowded around their sage leader, the rest of the OFW, who formed in 2005 and will release their first 7-inch this fall, give off the ease of a family band, though no member remotely resembles another. They’re Dickensian orphans, then, who’ve gathered to put on a minstrel show — and who’ve had to find a sound to fit their strange batch of instruments.

Oona Garthwaite
Oona Garthwaite is a Bay Area gem with a knockout voice that packs grit, power, and a hint of whimsy. She pairs must-dance rhythms and soulful melodies with candid stories of heartbreak, history, and joyful independence. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Oona spent her early years singing Beatles and Aretha tunes over the blues progressions her dad taught her. With time, she etched out the tight rhymes and rapid-fire delivery that would become a trademark of her songs.

Oona will be performing at Broadway Studios on August 22nd.



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