On Baghdad by the Bay, July 26th

25 07 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 2pm:



Anderson’s voice and lyrics combined are enough to make your heart swell. The vocal qualities he produces are somewhere between Macy Gray and Bob Dylan (forgive that terribly random pairing), and his lyrics tell simple love stories, trials and successes alike, with grace and candor (”I could write you a novel tonight / I could write you a new song each day / It’s a natural part of my day,” “I know who my sunshine is,” and “There’s always an upside” just three small but effecting examples).

Okay will be appearing at Bottom of the Hill on July 28th.

The Blammos

BLAMMOS’ sound has graced many first-class stages across the country, including Sin-e and The Living Room in New York, The Hideout in Chicago and The Dirty Dog in Austin, as well as numerous Northern California music halls. In October of 2007 they were chosen to take the stage at the CMJ Music Marathon in New York alongside five other acclaimed Bay Area bands at the Talking House Productions SF@CMJ showcase.

The Blammos will be appearing at the Elbo Room on July 28th

Raised by Robots at Cafe Du Nord Tonight

24 07 2008

My guest last week on Baghdad by the Bay, Raised by Robots, will be at Cafe Du Nord tonight, and so will I. Check out the recording of the interview here.

Coolest Lineup Bottom of the Hill Has Ever Done

18 07 2008

I’m off to hit Great American Music Hall at 9pm for the opening act Mirabelle Phoenix play at tonight’s Gram Parson tribute. I saw their show at Hemlock on Tuesday, it was awesome, if you are a fan of Gram or rock/country from the late 60’s and early 70’s this is the show for you.

After that, I’m headed to Bottom of the Hill, for what my be the coolest show ever.

The Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo ’08 aka camp Jump & Yell for Boys And Girls and Wizards

Harry And The Potters
Harry and the Potters sing songs about the plight of being a young wizard, and have primarily toured libraries for the past 4 years. Harry and the Potters have godfathered an entire genre of music known as wizard rock populated by over 500 DIY bands, all performing songs about the Harry Potter book series.

Jason Anderson

Math, the Band
Math the Band sings songs about the water cycle while doing aerobics. Math the Band performs so hard that he throws up after every show.

Uncle Monsterface
Uncle Monsterface sings songs about wearing capes as accompanied by sock puppets and giant monsters. Uncle Monsterface does a sock puppet rock band cover of Madonna’s ‘Like a Prayer’.

Harry and the Potters, Math the Band, and Uncle Monsterface each have way too much fun at their rock shows.  Sharing a love for going completely bananas on stage and for doing everything themselves, the three groups decided to set up a traveling summer camp, circus, and indie rock tour – The Unlimited Enthusiasm Expo (UEE), 2008.

Giant monsters, huge video projections, inflatable monkeys, camp fires and circus tents combine with songs about wizards, dancing sock puppets, and furious rock and roll aerobics to bring the nation a much-needed dose of insane fun.

The Unlimited Enthusiasm Summer Tour is an attempt to  present new ideas about what a rock show and tour can be. With an intense focus on a Do-It-Yourself ethic, audience participation, and a completely open and welcoming mindset, expect a show filled with kids and adults, parents and teenagers, all collectively enjoying themselves in an outpouring of geeky summer fun. A participatory concert, volunteers from the local community and fan base will be on-hand at each show to mix Kool-aid and make PB & Js, hang decorations and blow up balloons, register voters (with Wizard Rock the Vote in attendance) and play Nintendo or dance on stage with us.  There will be name-tags! There will be bubbles!  This is a home-made summer tour where anything is possible and the power of rock and roll can, and will, change our lives. Get ready to jump and yell.

Ok, that was a lot to take in.
A rock band with not one but TWO Harry Potters. A band that does aerobics while performing and then sock puppet rock. Breathe…deep breath…if you can’t see them tonight, they will be performing AGAIN at Bottom of the Hill on Saturday afternoon at 1pm.

Look at that…are you gonna miss that…no you’re not. See you there.

The Bay Guardian Owed Me a Favor

18 07 2008

Finally cashed in on that ad the SFBG owed me for hosting their election party at Kilowatt on Super Tuesday. Thought I should plug my next gameshow, Whtat’s Your Answer?! at Annie’s Social Club. Since I didn’t really need all of a 1/10 ad, I slapped on this Pirate Cat Radio ad I created.

Feist on Sesame Street

17 07 2008

If this video was any cuter, I pee rainbows.

On Baghdad by the Bay, July 19th

16 07 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 2pm:


Raised by Robots

Raised by Robots will be kicking off their West Coast tour at Cafe DuNord on July 24th.  I will be giving out a pair of tickets for the Du Nord Show on the air, be ready to call 415 341 1199 after 2pm!


Isabellas is a female-fronted foursome from Oakland. Reviewer magazine states “…they play anti-pop, moody, bass-heavy, almost lo-fi [music] with an edge…” Come see the captivating live show and get your socks rocked!

The Isabellas will be playing the MakeOut Room on July 20th.

On Baghdad by the Bay, July 12th

8 07 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 2pm:


Ticket giveaway for Marabelle Phoenix at 3pm for their show at Hemlock Tavern.

The Action Design
The Action Design emerged like most things, from the end of something else. When the pop-punk act Tsunami Bomb disbanded, vocalist Emily Whitehurst and bassist Matt Mckenzie soldiered on adding guitarist Jaycen McKissick (ex- Pipedown) and drummer Jake Krohn (ex- Calcutta Bazaar) to put their new stamp on the San Francisco music scene.

With a focus on change from each of their previous styles, the band’s debut full length is bursting with energy for their September 23rd release on PopSmear Records. Never Say carries great weight with its soaring vocal melodies, heart-pounding music and fresh-minded potent lyrics.

The Action Design will be playing Bottom of the Hill, July 13th.

Marabelle Phoenix

marabelle phoenix is a band make of ghost stories, broken hearts and lullibies, the s.f. weekley calles them young and pretty, but don’t let their sugary harmonies fool you, they’re raw, spikey, and aggressively mournful. fronted by donnelle malnik guitar, vocals, noelle kehill, dobro,vocals, jen terrill, saw, vocals, and burt garibay drums vocals. they also hate capitialization.

The Marabelle Phoenix are playing the Right Spot July 13th, The Hemlock Tavern July 15th, and GAMH July 19th.

On Baghdad by the Bay, July 5th

2 07 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 2pm:



20 Minute Loop

EAST BAY EXPRESS: “Catchiest Band 2005 “…it’s immediately evident that their band, 20 Minute Loop, has just unloaded the most absurdly addictive angst-pop record to emerge from the East Bay in, well, actually, ever. Yawn + House = Explosion is a ridiculously fantastic mash-up of pop hooks, slide guitar riffs, and dueling boy/girl vocals that either intertwine perfectly or clash magnificently.”


Ninja Panther