on Baghdad by the Bay, Saturday, June 14th

10 06 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 2pm:


I will be giving out a pair of tickets to the Minks June 14th show at El Rio.


The Minks, an all-girl Kinks cover band, was the inspiration of drummer Marie who originally wanted to create a Who cover band, but changed her plan when she realized she’d have to be Keith Moon.
The Minks are Jenny (lead vocals), Cherie (guitar), Stacy (bass), Linda (keys) and Marie (drummer). The Minks will play El Rio on Saturday, June 14th with The Amazing Embarassonics. They have recently played at Bottom of the Hill, Eagle Tavern and The Catalyst in Santa Cruz. Songs include Kinks classics You Really Got Me, Till The End of the Day, Destroyer, Apeman, Lola, All Day & All of the Night, Set Me Free, Tired of Waiting, Come Dancing, and more.

The Guardian wrote “Only the Bay Area could nurture the ferocity of The Minks, an all-female Kinks cover band that will dispel the notion that “I Need You” could be sung by anyone other than a gang of girls in boots.”


“…a harmonious sound that envelopes you in sweet sugary pop bliss.” – smother.net

“With its wicked smart instrumentation and tasteful melodies, “Claw Your Sweater” is the delicious type of brainy bumblerock that indiebees will buzz about happily for hours.” – palebear.com

“Love is Chemicals have the quietly seismic, underground-darling routine down to a T.” – Flavorpill SF

Love is Chemicals will be playing the Red Devil Lounge on June 14th.




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