on Baghdad by the Bay, Saturday, June 7th

2 06 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 2pm:


I will be giving out a pair of tickets to Odessa Chen’s show at Bottom of the Hill and a pair of tickets for Silian Rail’s show at Hemlock Tavern. Listen and be ready to call in.

Odessa Chen

Odessa Chen is a rare talent, simply stated. She has the songwriting and lyric-crafting chops to send shivers up and down the spine of listeners, and her voice is truly a thing if sheer beauty. Chen shows on The Ballad of Paper Ships that the genius of her debut was no fluke. In actuality, she’s come into her own with The Ballad of Paper Ships, writing, producing, and performing a spectacular and shimmering work of intensity. Stunningly executed, The Ballad of Paper Ships is a wondrous CD, and well worth the four year wait.

Chen will be performing at Bottom of the Hill on June 11th and Amnesia on June 19th

Silian Rail

Silian Rail is Robin (guitar) and Eric (drums, glockenspiel). They play instrumental music which combines richly complex, open-tuning, finger picked guitar playing with aggressive, intricate drumming. Their songs are constantly shifting mazes of rich melodies and intense rhythms, equally epic, fragile and explosively dynamic. Eric and Robin are long lost friends who grew up together in Durham, North Carolina and parted ways at 13, only to re-meet accidentally years later in California.

They will be playing Hemlock Tavern on June 10th




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