on Baghdad by the Bay, Saturday, June 28th

26 06 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 2pm:


Tickets will be given out for Kami Nixon and Bhi Bhiman performance on the air!


Kami Nixon

On the country side of rock and roll, Kami Nixon is an indie songwriter who cut her teeth on Willie Nelson and plays with rocker Bill Spooner (from the Tubes.) Her humorous-yet-poignant, right-on-the-money songwriting and modern voice combine to make music that just feels right.

Kami’s song “Plans,” on her EP “Boys named Jon,” was featured on KQED. She has played the Mamapalooza Music Festival, plus venues in London, the San Francisco Bay Area (Café du Nord, Red Devil Lounge ), Minnesota, San Diego and other markets. Kami is a voting member of NARAS, which hosts the Grammy Awards.

Kami will be playing Cafe DuNord on June 30th.


Bhi Bhiman

Pronounced “Bee Bee-men,” this first-generation Sri Lankan American musician is pretty sure there’s no one else in the world with his name. Even if there is, chances are no other Bhi Bhiman could write a song as cool and catchy as the Bay Area’s Bhi Bhiman can…Sarcasm and humor are among his favorite instruments, but Bhiman’s debut solo album on HinJu Records, “The Cookbook,” has recipes with a serious taste to them, too.”
-Delfin Vigil, San Francisco CHRONICLE

Bhi will be opening up for Charlie Hunter Trio at Great American on July 4th.

Pirate Cat Radio July Calendar is Out!

23 06 2008

I just whipped up the July in-studio calendar at the Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM, stop by at 21st and Florida and be part of the show.

on Baghdad by the Bay, Saturday, June 21st

20 06 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 2pm:



The Blank Slates

Andrea Iacopini moved to San Francisco by way of Bologna, Italy. The Blank Slates started as a solo project by Andrea. In January 2008, Andrea met drummer Cochrane McMillan at PyraMIND Institute in San Francisco where they both attend classes. Later in January, Andrea met bassist Martin Fowler. After a short time together, The Blank Slates played their first live show the same month at The Knockout in San Francisco. The band is currently working on recording the full length album that spawned the demo and have a show on June 25th at Blakes on Telegraph in Berkeley.

The Blank Slates will be playing Blake’s on Telegraph in Berkeley on June 25th.



Grayceon is Jackie Perez Gratz (Amber Asylum) on electric cello and voice, Max Doyle (Walken) on guitar and voice, and Zack Farwell (Walken) on drums. Grayceon pulls together an extremely diverse range of musical influences and writing styles to create a fresh sound that defies the boundaries of the metal/rock/progressive genres. Compared to Opeth, King Crimson, and Ved Buens Ende, not in sound but in ‘feel’, Grayceon embraces the hard-to-describe-them definition and expects no hard comparisons to be made any time soon. Alternate low tuning on both cello and guitar, finger picked metal riffs, dreamy double vocals, and unpredictably impeccable drumming all meet to give Grayceon their unique sensibility.

Grayceon will be playing Hemlock Tavern on June 21st.

Get the Pirate Cat Radio Cafe Calendar

13 06 2008

I created this lovely calendar to highlight performances and movie nights at Pirate Cat Radio. This calendar will be good till July, when I will create another.

on Baghdad by the Bay, Saturday, June 14th

10 06 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 2pm:


I will be giving out a pair of tickets to the Minks June 14th show at El Rio.


The Minks, an all-girl Kinks cover band, was the inspiration of drummer Marie who originally wanted to create a Who cover band, but changed her plan when she realized she’d have to be Keith Moon.
The Minks are Jenny (lead vocals), Cherie (guitar), Stacy (bass), Linda (keys) and Marie (drummer). The Minks will play El Rio on Saturday, June 14th with The Amazing Embarassonics. They have recently played at Bottom of the Hill, Eagle Tavern and The Catalyst in Santa Cruz. Songs include Kinks classics You Really Got Me, Till The End of the Day, Destroyer, Apeman, Lola, All Day & All of the Night, Set Me Free, Tired of Waiting, Come Dancing, and more.

The Guardian wrote “Only the Bay Area could nurture the ferocity of The Minks, an all-female Kinks cover band that will dispel the notion that “I Need You” could be sung by anyone other than a gang of girls in boots.”


“…a harmonious sound that envelopes you in sweet sugary pop bliss.” – smother.net

“With its wicked smart instrumentation and tasteful melodies, “Claw Your Sweater” is the delicious type of brainy bumblerock that indiebees will buzz about happily for hours.” – palebear.com

“Love is Chemicals have the quietly seismic, underground-darling routine down to a T.” – Flavorpill SF

Love is Chemicals will be playing the Red Devil Lounge on June 14th.

9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade!

6 06 2008

Kite Fight!
Marina Greens @ Fillmore {new location!}
Sunday, June 8th
FREE! {with kite}

From the organizers of Urban Golf, What’s Your Answer and the Urban Iditarod comes: KITE FIGHT! Flying pretty kites at Chrissy Fields is for sissies, the 9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade challenges YOU to a kite duel.

DO NOT bring a quality kite we recommend you bring a craptastic plastic kite and whatever optional weaponry will lead you to domination of the skies. The Kite Brigade recommends getting kites at Cliff’s Variety in the Castro, Walgreens in the Marina; delta or triangle kites working the best.

Bring more than one kite, it’s a kite fight, you’re bound to lose one or six.

on Baghdad by the Bay, Saturday, June 7th

2 06 2008

This week on Baghdad by the Bay on Pirate Cat Radio, tune in to 87.9 in SF or LA or listen online starting at 2pm:


I will be giving out a pair of tickets to Odessa Chen’s show at Bottom of the Hill and a pair of tickets for Silian Rail’s show at Hemlock Tavern. Listen and be ready to call in.

Odessa Chen

Odessa Chen is a rare talent, simply stated. She has the songwriting and lyric-crafting chops to send shivers up and down the spine of listeners, and her voice is truly a thing if sheer beauty. Chen shows on The Ballad of Paper Ships that the genius of her debut was no fluke. In actuality, she’s come into her own with The Ballad of Paper Ships, writing, producing, and performing a spectacular and shimmering work of intensity. Stunningly executed, The Ballad of Paper Ships is a wondrous CD, and well worth the four year wait.

Chen will be performing at Bottom of the Hill on June 11th and Amnesia on June 19th

Silian Rail

Silian Rail is Robin (guitar) and Eric (drums, glockenspiel). They play instrumental music which combines richly complex, open-tuning, finger picked guitar playing with aggressive, intricate drumming. Their songs are constantly shifting mazes of rich melodies and intense rhythms, equally epic, fragile and explosively dynamic. Eric and Robin are long lost friends who grew up together in Durham, North Carolina and parted ways at 13, only to re-meet accidentally years later in California.

They will be playing Hemlock Tavern on June 10th