The Worst Kind of Client

23 09 2007

I caught this on CL today:

we’re trying to choose a graphic designer for a new start up. we need art for any or all of the below:
art work (for the site, banner ads, print ads, etc.)
site concept

if you are interested, please submit some ideas FOR OUR SITE. (we’re not interested in samples of past work.). if we choose your work/concept for our site, we will buy your work off you and hire you to complete it. we currently have no art or site concept. it’s wide open.

the company: will sell exclusive unreleased downlaodable singles from indie and punk artsts from labels such as: Epitaph, Jade Tree, Vagrant, Matador, Victory, Fueled by Ramen, etc.

I wish Craigslist had a ‘This job is bullshit.” button, this way I could flag all the “Wanted: Receptionist/Production Artist. or Hiring: Web Artist/Customer Service Rep” jobs I see. I’m not joking about that, I’ve seen the postings.

I sent them a very nice letter, hopefully educating these folks that asking for Work on Spec is a no-no in the design industry. It seemed odd that a company that is trying to help funnel some revenue to small indie music acts is in essence actively trying to scam graphic designers.

I did also note that no freelancer worth his or her salt would do a work-on-spec and at best they are going to get submissions from a bunch of newly-graduated art school hacks.

I’ve always told junior designers 80% of design is client communication, a good solutions come from discussion with the client about what they are trying accomplish and what about them needs to be projected to the audience.




One response

15 12 2009

This used to get me so pissed off. The fear that a fellow designer was being had by such a selfish, bluntly idiotic, and feverishly shallow individual or group had me red in the face. The longer I spent worrying about it, the lower my fever. If someone really responds to something so ignorant…it is hard to feel bad for them. It is, in some ways, like the guy that sends $10,000 over seas because someone just told them a long lost uncle died and left them a fortune. You just have to furrow the brow; try not to laugh; and give them a rub on the back, “Lesson learned,” you can say.

Anyway, from then on, it has not bothered me. Listen, I like driving too. But when one of those other guys goes flying by at 90 miles an hour…I don’t mind when they get a ticket.

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