6 06 2007

Trying to remember the key command for TM (OPT+2) or accented vowels, ah but OS X doesn’t have Key Caps available by default, and Character Map in Windows is 4 sub-menus down. Well there is an easier way of course, Glyphs.

What is Glyphs? Well it’s Adobe’s poorly-named character palette, while Glyphs is a nice 5-dollar word and fits within in the width of the menu, Fucked Up Characters Palette is far more descriptive and serves the user better. It’s in Illustrator and InDesign (not Photoshop, for some reason the Adobe Gods don’t think we need umlauts to edit images) under the type menu.




I only wish it showed the key combination to reach the characters, like Key Caps and Char Map do, so you don’t have to keep going back to the menu.




One response

6 06 2007

Nice post! I love the Glyphs Pallet!

Why the word Glyph as opposed to Character ? Well a Glyph is a Variation of a Character. So to name the Pallet “Character”, would be misleading.

Also on a side note, Russell Brown has a tutorial on type, and it includes how to get Glyphs in Photoshop. Is a BS work around by using Illustrator. Adobe is just being lazy.
Here is the link:


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