Pushing Buttons

8 05 2007


Deziner Folio has created an excellent collection of ‘2.0-esque’ web styles for Photoshop, great for making small elements such as buttons and headers. It’s an excellent compliment to the previously released Ultimate Web 2.0 Gradients 3.0.

Thing is, most people have never played with Layer Styles, because at first glance the palette is too weird. It’s kinda odd looking in Photoshop and there is something Illustrator-ish about it, or like a Style Sheet for images. Also I have the feeling a lot of heavy Photoshop users scoff features that seem to ‘hand hold’ the user, like Auto Color, we want control over the image not some gimmick that works half the time. What Layer Styles is for is to help a Web Production art pump out a lot of similar elements for using in website. Let’s take a look at how simple and useful this feature is.


First what is a Layer Style? It’s a one or more layer effects saved together as a preset. And the easiest way to use Layer Styles is with shape layers. Now just chose one of the Layer Styles to alter this shape layer






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