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25 04 2007

So let’s say you meet someone at a party or shindig and they discover you are a designer. “Oh I’ve been meaning to get a nice website. My current site was built by my second cousin twice-removed for my yoga lessons and I’m not happy with it.”

Ok what’s your budget? “I’ll have to check under the couch cushions and see what I can dig up.”

{sigh} So logic and finances be damned you still want to give them great site. Maybe they have connections to better business, maybe you want them to practice their yoga moves naked in your living room, maybe you’re just a good person. I don’t care, what ever lies get you up in the morning is fine by me.


Well there are shortcuts to good design, without actually doing design. Open Source or Freeware websites, if nothing else it can give you a bit of grid and color scheme inspiration when you have Designer’s Block.

The best site is Open Source Web Design, stick Open Source in front of anything and it’s automatically better.

Also is Free Programming Resources list of free web template sites.



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