Go Comic Sans…and Take Courier with You

24 04 2007


I stumbled across this gem of a site by Dave Combs bancomicsans.com. I hate Comic Sans too, not as much as Arial, but it’s up there. I am reminded of a quote, “There are no bad fonts, just bad context” Except for Comic Sans, Hobo and Giddyup. Some fonts have one purpose in life and any other usage just suck eggs.

Take Papyrus, if you own a store that sells wicker or handmade paper, great. If you think Papyrus is gonna add some humanity or softness to your greeting card, wrong and you are a complete hack for thinking that way.

Check out Ban Comic Sans and the interview with Dave Combs at Earz Magazine.

[Ban Comic Sans]
Why Ban Comic Sans [Earz Magazine]



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