Sucky Clients

20 04 2007

Designer’sMind has a great article titled Five reasons to turn down a potential client.

I don’t have any money, but this will get you some great exposure!

I’m not sure what I want, and I won’t pay if I don’t like it.

I have a few other designers in mind, can you create a few mock-ups and maybe I’ll pick you?

The have a pretty good writeups on why you turn down clients who say these things. What isn’t addressed the part if this dialog that is the designers’ responsibility, client communication.

I’ve always said that 80% of successful design is client communication, the creativity you should have already had down pat or you’re in the wrong business to begin with. You have to learn to no only ‘sell’ the design but teach the client the value of the design. If they bought a truck for $60,000, the value and investment is very tangible. When the client is shopping around for a $60,000 website value is a capital investment as much as a truck. That’s the hardest part about design is showing a client why clear messages and identity positions them for future growth, creating a sustainable consumer market.

What you should take from wisecrack advice in DesignersMind is always work raise the value of your design and all creative work. Work on Spec, ‘pro-bono’ work for clients with money, and overly-cautious clients damage that, but remember it’s also up to you to find ways to teach the client along the way. If the client doesn’t feel they are part of the process, all you’re doing is student work.

Five reasons to turn down a potential client [DesignersMind]




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22 01 2011

Thanks RICK!

Enjoyable reading and I totally feel you on this one…

I have heard much the same things come from potential clients mouths when meeting to discuss a potential new website. This needs to be shut down fairly quickly and you need to take control before the client gets ahead of themselves. Yes, they are the client and you do need to listen to what they have to say and what they have in mind but at the end of the day, you are the designer, you are the professional and they are the ones who are seeking your services at the end of the day.

In regards to educating clients on the importance of quality design, I agree with this one but one issue I have recently come across relates more to educating the client that having a quality website is great and is a good foundation point but my issue lately is with clients that give me the “I dont need or I cant afford website promotion” line……….B***S***! What is the point of having a website if it never gets found…??? And why spend good money on a great looking website if its just going to sit there…??? Its like buying a Ferrari and parking it in the garage…You pay an arm and a leg for what exactly…???

I have come up with a little trickery to combat this little annoyance…Free Web Design! Yes, three words your not likely to ever hear in the same sentence to often and which really gets the clients to listen…A Free custom designed website and all you pay for is promotion. (check out the offer @ Of course, my web design expenses are covered with the SEO side of things but it is essentially giving the client no choice but to go with whats on offer yet still ends up benefiting them in the long run.

Win Win.

Anyways, thats just one way I like to deal with sucky clients and once again thanks to RICK! for lending me his mind…Good to see that Im not the only one who faces these pesky client issues.

Thanks mate,


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