Where are They Now: Kai Krause

11 04 2007

Funny discussion on Metafilter a few days about about Kai Krause, 90’s digital media ‘star’, UI developer and master of the German shag mustache. Everyone got a copy of Bryce or Kai Power Tools (KPT), played with it for hours on end, trying to figure out how this Play-Doh interface actually worked. You could make wonderful…uh..spheres…and shiny objects..and..er..fractals.

Essential all you can do is make album covers for Yes or speed up the workflow in making new, exciting Trapper Keepers for Mead. The software was over-priced eye candy, not to be confused Alien Skin’s Eye Candy which was actually a productive plug-in at the time.

Most note that Kai cashed out of MetaCreations when it became obvious to the press that the company was becoming a bit of a scam with its “e-commerce visualization solutions” using a pseudo-VRML software.

We miss you Kai, your bean bag interface, generated jagged mountains and most of all your mighty lip rug.

Tonight Were Gonna Design Like its 1999 [Metafilter]




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