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11 04 2007

Anyone who’s had a Fortune 500 client has dealt with the red tape of getting their corporate logo for a project. First you get an email from your marketing rep, inevitably they send you some worthless JPEG off the website or a BMP embedded in a Word doc. Worse, after that they forward you to their in-house graphics department who resent you for being more creative and will happily stall you for weeks after grilling you about why you need the artwork.

A better solution is just to simply go around them. I’ve personally bought CDs filled with corporate logos in vector format, usually black and white version with the TM or (R) mysteriously left off. Still they work, however I stumbled across this website a few days back which make the process easy and free,




2 responses

11 04 2007

Ah yes the pain of getting a vector version of the logo: “no I need a better version of the logo. Preferably a vector version.” “a vector what?”

Personally, I think every marketing dept for every company should have a public site with their logo and guidelines available.

p.s. you might also want to check out The Best Brands Of The World

11 04 2007

Bah.. then it makes it easier for the thieves to steal your logo.

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