Alias AKA Ink Manager

11 04 2007


I hate when I see this shit. In Quark Express it used to mean I’d have to go through every EPS file or use FlightCheck to hunt down the file that has a misnamed spot color. Big pain in the ass. Well if you happen to use Indesign like most designers who have turned their back on Express you don’t have to worry about it. Alias it.

Under the Swatch palette, click the menu button and scroll down to Ink Manager.


Now that you have it open, select the errant color and alias to it’s fraternal twin. This will ‘point’ the misnamed ink to the chosen ink when it’s time for separations. Seems sloppy to leave the wrong color floating around on your swatch palette but be assured it won’t cause any problems when it’s on press.


This unfortunately will not change the look of the aliased ink to match the correctly named color in InDesign (at least in CS and CS2).




One response

19 04 2012
Naomi Fein

THANK YOU!! been searching for months!

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