Corporate Raiders of the Lost Art

12 04 2007

It’s widely known that corporations liberally borrow or co-opt emerging youth culture in order to remain relevant to the under-35 consumer. However some companies, notably clothing designers are so morally and creatively bankrupt they will actually steal art and designs from smaller designers in order to meet the bottom line. Or even worse, re-purpose artwork of creative firm outside of the contractual accepted usage.

Urban Counterfeiters
is dedicated to “bringing American consumers reports from small companies and artists who have been taken advantage of by large corporations.”, mostly centered around the shenanigans of Urban Outfitters and their blatant lifting of the artwork of others.


Check out their entry from March 17 about Crown Farmer getting jacked by the Man.



10 04 2007

It surprises and shocks me to see how many print designers fail to use a grid. How big should I make the logo? How long should the lines lengths be? Where should the hero shot go? Well if you used a grid, you’d know all these questions, everything you have just fits into place.

This goes doubly so for web design, and usage of the grid system with web designers is abysmal. Stick to your grid and you never have to worry about placement of elements again, and you can spend more time padding your invoice.

So listen up hacks and follow this excellent tutorial created by
Mark Boulton.


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